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Yay!!! Very little is left before the beginning of the summer season in Turkey. Beautiful sea, unspoiled beaches, scenic mountains, abundance of fruit and seafood for every taste, create ideal conditions for a holiday in Turkey.
Did you decide, where you will spend your holidays? DP «BeyliGroup Property in Turkey», offers a range of luxury apartments and villas on the Mediterranean coast, Turkey. Accept bookings.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Resource (project) Comfort Turkey created with the support of the company «BeyliGroup Property in Turkey»

Компания «BeyliGroup Property in Turkey» www.BeyliGroup.ru - A team of professionals, has a wealth of experience and reputation, in the field of real estate transactions Turkey. We offer a wide selection of objects Property in Turkey any type, class and price category. «BeyliGroup Property in Turkey» conducts full cycle of works, accompanying the sale and lease of Turkish real estate.

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Why rent apartments in Turkey?

Probably it will be difficult to find someone among Russians, who has ever been in Turkey.
Hospitable country with beautiful hotels every year welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world ...
Russians are used to vacation in Turkey on an "all inclusive", that is certainly a lot of advantages over the rest of other plans, and the way he has a place to be.
And today is gaining momentum in rented vacation homes and villas on the Mediterranean coast, and the other seas too.
Price advantage:
If you go on vacation for up to two weeks, it probably makes sense to use the services of the hotel, but if you intend to rest for at least a month, then welcome to the apartment!!!! For Example, The whole family vacations, consisting of 4 people, the hotel will cost at least a season 3000 dollars, and the price of rent is unlikely to be more 1500 per month, though of course it will depend on the, What would you like to rent. A group of friends, Tell the person of 6, certainly save, if it is to live in the same apartment. More details…


Rent a car in Turkey

Car rental, Car rental in Antalya, Turkey

At the moment the inhabitants of large cities are increasingly there is a need to move about their business use hired vehicles

Car rental in Antalya - is a great opportunity for local residents, visitor or foreigner to get a car to rent in their use on one or more days during the holidays.

Payment for services can be rolled or cash on delivery of the car, or cashless, upon receipt of the money to the account of the organization.

It offers economy-class cars, such as Fiat, Renault, Hyundai, etc.. We also offer rental cars premium: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Volvo.

At your request, our staff can submit a car at the specified address, to the station or to the airport, and pick it up at the end of the lease term. More detail in our section rolling machines…


Rent / Sale Yacht in Turkey

Lease / Rent YACHT boats in Antalya-Turkey

Can you imagine a more attractive seaside holidays, than Mediterranean cruise on a yacht in Turkey? Extending to the horizon endless expanse of the sea, gentle southern sun, charming fishing taverns - all this will be possible, If you decide to rent a yacht in Turkey.

In Turkey, you may choose to rent a variety of sailing yachts, catamarans, mega-yacht, and small gullety, which are the best option for a cruise on the Mediterranean in a large group of friends or a corporate holiday.

Available as: Motor yachts, sailing yachts, sailing and motor yachts, mega-yacht. Podrobrobno more in our section on Yachts…

Our Services

Our Services

We provide a full range of investment and real estate in Turkey Their specific set depends on your goals: buy or sell a property in Turkey, organize business, get a residence permit or permanent residence in Turkey. Our joint work always begins with the definition of objectives and preliminary advice on important issues for you.

Becoming a customer, you get a lot of necessary services, namely:
* Search and selection of individual residential and commercial real estate in Turkey
* We prepare your study tour to Turkey when you are in Russia. To do this, we make the individual viewer objects, based on the criteria of the client.
* Organize transfer
* Getting INN- binding instrument for the purchase and registration of ownership of real estate, opening of the company, buying a car
* Opening of accounts in Turkish banks.
* Mortgages on favorable terms for residential and commercial real estate in Turkey (to 70% the cost of living)
* Full legal and banking transaction support - until the receipt of the client Tapu (certificate of purchase of real estate) and further registration of the buyer as the new owner of property acquired in government in Turkey
* Consultations on credit and banking operations (selection of the optimal Scheme legal transfer of funds to purchase, clearance required for this bank records in Turkey;
* Filing of documents for obtaining a residence permit (Residence permit) in Turkey

Immediately after the registration of the transaction and receiving the keys in another country people initially lost and does not know, where to start, what steps need to do first. Customers BeyliGroup no such problems. After all for you in our company established and successfully operates after-sales customer service:
# Making the customer's name all utilities
# Installation of telephone lines and Internet lines
# Purchase of furniture and other consumer goods
# Legal advice and everyday
# Business consulting in Turkey
# Property management
# Car hire
# Yacht Charter
# Transfers
# Translation services
# Cosmetic and Overhaul
# Clearance and visa
# Other services by agreement

We are not the only, we are the best!